Glen Luchford

Glen Luchford on the Future of the Fashion Photographer

Show Notes


In this episode, Christopher Michael speaks to Glen Luchford, legendary fashion photographer and filmmaker whose images are often referred to as iconic and cinematic. The conversation flows from discussing the future role of a photographer and the emerging marketplace of the metaverse to new technologies, how Glen has adapted to them, and broaching his failures, and what he has learned from them along the way.

Episode Highlights

“We are only just out of the pandemic, but obviously it's expedited a great deal of change that otherwise seemed as though would have taken years.”—Christopher

“Post-Covid the industry definitely has changed.” says Glen. His personal central focus is essentially metaverse and how that's going to change all of our lives in a dramatic way. He actually spends most of his time educating himself in Web 3.0,  anticipating all of the changes that are coming.

Glen was working with  film in the late 90s and 2000s, then he abandoned it. He was going to be a photographer and focus on doing it as well as he possibly could, rather than trying to do three things at once.

Exploring the different ways he found to keep himself on his toes and not become complacent.

Glen’s belief is that the metaverse will be a revolutionary thing, changing the way we see and think about everything.

We have had several years of exploring the idea of digital versus print, but we are now in a time where culture is driving so much in terms of fashion and trends. With that fragmentation or democratization, Christopher wonders what the role of a magazine cover is today.

“Does a Vogue cover have the same power as five seconds of footage of a supermodel falling about laughing with her friend on Instagram? Probably not.” says Glen.

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