Clare Richardson

Balancing Act: Clare Richardson, Stylist and Sustainability Entrepreneur

Show Notes


Fashion stylist, editor, and entrepreneur Clare Richardson is a champion of environmentally conscious fashion. Previously the Fashion Director at Holiday Magazine, Clare is a contributing fashion editor at British Vogue, and her work has been featured in M le Monde, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, and many more. In 2020, she launched a highly curated resale platform Reluxe Fashion, which promotes fashion sustainability and circularity. In this episode, Clare chats with Christopher Michael about her journey: from a shy young teen and Central Saint Martins College to fashion editorials, working with legacy brands—such as Hermes, Balenciaga, and Calvin Klein, and advocating for slow fashion practices. She highlights her concerns about fashion greenwashing and how it affects modern consumers' choices. With Reluxe, she's aiming to create the antithesis of fast fashion, build an informed community around sustainable fashion, and underscore that all small steps matter in making a difference. What's contemporary now? "Expressing yourself truthfully."

Episode Highlights
  • Escapism and inspiration: Clare grew up as a shy and nerdy girl, but once she discovered fashion magazines, she found a sense of escapism, inspiration, and a whole new world where she could express herself.
  • Central Saint Martins College: Total freedom can be overwhelming, so you have to throw yourself into it and manage your time correctly, and In the end, it makes you stronger. Follow your gut: decide which avenue to go down in your fashion career.
  • A passion for styling: Clare discovered her love for styling through trial and error; it came naturally to her. She felt inspired by the teams she worked with and loved the research.
  • Married to fashion: Clare is married to fashion photographer Dan Martensen; she needs to set boundaries and prioritize getaways to find a balance between the fashion world and her world.
  • Sustainability and fashion: Clare constantly educates herself on climate change, how the fashion industry contributes to it, and how her values align—or do not align—with what the industry is doing.
  • Reluxe Fashion: Clare's daughter influenced her decision to start and develop the brand. She details Reluxe Fashion's impact on the world and how she wants to shift how people think about fashion.
  • Resale vs. circular fashion: What is the difference between resale and circular fashion, and why is greenwashing affecting consumer choices?
  • Boosting fashion sustainability: Money talks! As a consumer, ask yourself, "Where do you spend your money? Do you need it? Does it need to be new? What brands are you supporting? What are their values?"
  • Collaborations: They play a significant role in fashion because they inspire, engage, and excite customers. They create a broader reach for brands and products.
  • Roles: Clare spotlights the differences between her role as a fashion stylist and her role as a curator for Reluxe.
  • Clare's advice: Environmentally conscious fashion stylists and editors should be true to themselves. "If you believe in it and it matters to you, make it part of your job. Find a tribe of people that inspires you."
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