Sam Visser

22-Year-Old Makeup Artist Star Sam Visser on Best of Beauty

Show Notes


Beginning his career at the age of twelve, Sam Visser has become one of the most renowned makeup artists today, lauded for his sense of style, understanding of the camera, and the ability to find a unique beauty in any face. Sam boasts an impressive list of esteemed clients and creative collaborators, including the likes of Kendall Jenner, Amber Valletta, and Bella Hadid amongst many others. In this episode, he joins host Christopher Michael to shine a spotlight on the evolution of fashion and makeup, his definition of modern standards, and the muses that fueled his success in the beauty industry.

Episode Highlights
  • Sam reflects on the moment he realized beauty was his passion and speaks of the time he took over his school’s art class when the teacher was absent.
  • One photo you take and post to social media can change your life. Sam talks about why he dropped out of high school, how he started working for Kris Jenner, and the importance of mentorship for an artist.
  • Makeup artistry enables  self-expression, creativity, self-discovery, and the ability to inspire others throughout the process.
  • If you don’t label something or someone, you can see the  unique beauty in everything. Looking back on his school years, Sam reflects on the power of finding someone beautiful for who they are and how that translated into his beauty career.
  • How do you differentiate fashion and editorial beauty from. commercial beauty?
  • Beauty is ever-evolving, yet we continue to draw inspiration from past looks. Sam shares his candid thoughts on his inspiration from past fashion aesthetics, like the 80s. He also shares some of his greatest muses.
  • Sam’s perspective on beauty, fashion, and glamor is shaped  by cinema, fantasy, and unrealism.
  • Is makeup for the everyday the same as makeup for the camera? Listen in to hear Sam’s opinion.
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